Cast Iron Stuffed Chicken with Sauce

Cast Iron Italian Stuffed Chicken Breast with a Pesto Greek Yogurt sauce


Windy Point Wedding in Dillion, Colorado

March 2018 My husband and I live in Florida, so when we decided we wanted to get married in Colorado we knew it would make planning a little bit different then the usual local wedding. We were able to go out to Dillion six months before out wedding and power out some details. Our venue … Continue reading Windy Point Wedding in Dillion, Colorado

Sahara Desert Climb

"I got back up. Took more steps up, my feet were sinking down into the earth and the sand was almost to my knees, the more heat I felt seep into my body. Not a type of heat where I wanted to pass out but like a fire starting to burn within.  I saw my soul family already at the top, encouraging me and telling me I'm almost there..."