Windy Point Wedding in Dillion, Colorado

March 2018

My husband and I live in Florida, so when we decided we wanted to get married in Colorado we knew it would make planning a little bit different then the usual local wedding.

We were able to go out to Dillion six months before out wedding and power out some details. Our venue at Windy Point and Lake Dillion were under a feet of snow, but I have a great imagination and could already start to picture the day.

September 2018

Working with Tents and Events as our rental company went pretty smoothly. We made an appointment to pick out linens, chairs, plates, coat rack, and other items we were needing the day of.

Pinterest helped a lot of narrow down the type of look we were wanting. We really loved the deep color tones of blue, green and red colors. We didn’t want the colors overtake so decided to bring it all together with white and cream tones. Bringing in natural elements were important as well.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen brought in the burgundy color, with details of blush to compliment in some of the flowers.

We used the blue tones for our tables. We were able to rent some small little vases from Pots & Petals, Lindsay was such a joy to work with and very informative because her and husband got married at Windy Point as well. Myself and a dear friend of the family did the flower arrangements.

My husband isn’t the biggest fan of flowers, the irony since I have such a green thumb. Keeping it more simple was very important to him. He likes carnations, again I have to laugh that he actually even likes a flower, so I made sure we had carnations! I was skeptical at first but really do love how it turned out.

We used the carnations for the boutonnieres and added some into the bridal boutiques I made as well.

Stay tuned for a blog post on the bridal bouquets. I have been getting a ton of questions about them and how I was able to pre-make them and preserved mine to enjoy years to come.


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