Breckenridge Photographer Bliss

… marry the man of my dreams (check!), …”

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Especially when it is in another state, in a small mountain town of Dillion, Colorado and having to find a photographer that you will never meet in person. I’m so happy we got lucky and fell in photographer bliss.

Growing up the only three details about my wedding day that I ever dreamed about was getting to marry the man of my dreams (check!), having a dress with lace and sleeve (check!), and having a wonderful photographer to capture our special day (double check!)

I had my mind set on a photographer I saw in Iceland where we got engaged. I remember watching her on the beach with a newly married couple and could see the joy in her eyes and talent glowed all around here. Her energy was everything I wanted for our special day. When I got home I immediately went on Instagram to find her work, I searched all the hashtags and finally found her! And most exciting part, she lived in the area where we were getting married! Fate would have it though she would be unavailable and instead became one of my favorite 2018 Instagram friends instead.

So the search began, and it was no easy task. I talked to and emailed so many different photographers in the course of a few months. Being in a different time zone also played a challenge when trying to schedule a time to talk. Some would be fantastic on paper, than we would talk and just wasn’t having “THAT feeling” you’re suppose to have. Or worse, you think you found the perfect person, to only be ghosted by them!

Time was ticking and we were feeling deflated, and all of sudden I stumbled across Meredith Austin’s work on Instagram. As I admired her work, I tried not to get to excited and had to tame my soul.

I was worried about all the things: in our Budget? Available? Would I hear back from her? When we finally talk on the phone would it be there energetically? Is she open to doing a wedding of 35 people? Because that was being a REAL issue, we quickly learned most photographers either like elopements, or large weddings. We kept getting told we were a weird size and some photographers couldn’t decide what package we fell under.

Quickly I heard back from Meredith and she was so sweet and friendly. Her and her husband are globe trotters as well and understood this wanderlust soul for adventure of ours. The energy was there and she was so patient and helpful as we worked out all the details.

Lake Dillion in Dillion Colorado

The day before the wedding we finally got to meet at our rehearsal at Windy Point, walk around Lake Dillion to find some spots for the next day. Our bridal party immediately felt comfortable with her as well and we all looked forward the next day.

Wedding day was here and she capture even more than we could of even thought to ask for. We had some hiccups with our music but she completely stepped up and kept the show moving. Her personality made it so easy to work with and put a lightness in the air. Not only were we happy but so were all of our guests.

Windy Point Campground on Lake Dillon

That day will always be our special day and I have so much joy in my heart that she was able to capture it all. I love looking through our photos and reliving that day.

To see more of Meredith’s work check our her Facebook page or go follow along over on Instagram.

Lots of Love,

Tara Verlee


7 thoughts on “Breckenridge Photographer Bliss

  1. Love your story because it was kind of the same for our wedding. Our photographer came in train from Copenhagen (3 hours) to our little town and we are so happy about the pictures. Her style and how confidence we felt were very important things to consider when choosing a photographer.




  2. Your photos look amazing and your wedding looks like it was beautiful. I can’t even imagine the stress of trying to plan from such a distance. Planning my wedding was hard enough locally!


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