Protect Your Face from the Sun

Hey! Florida gal here, born and raised so I know some sun tips that keep your skin protected and glowing for years to come.

Not wearing an SPF daily will cause premature aging, sun spots and skin damage

I know it’s hard. We all look better with a tan but it’s not worth damaging our skin in the long run.

⛅️ Protect yourself from the sun. Put on that SPF daily, wear that hat and cover up from the sun. And remember cloudy days usually are the days we can get the most damage because it doesn’t “feel like” we’re getting any sun.

☝🏼Fun fact: Did you know that our skin care and cosmetics adds an extra protective layer to your skin?

💙 Here are some product options I recommend to protect and give some life back to your face


⭐️SeneSerum-C – 100% NATURAL BLEND of the most advanced anti-aging ingredients. Formula helps repair damaged skin cells while helping to prevent further drama and greater healthier, firmer and younger looking skin. Also has the SeneShield to help protect cells from free radical damage.

💦 SeneSerm DayTime Moisturizer – fights aging and protects your skin from sun exposure with a shield equivalent to SPF 1528162180_10156054470610675_6681072085264384564_o

⭐️ Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer – sheer coverage, anti-aging benefits, evens out skin tones and has a protective shield of SPF15

19388559_10155351340575675_9094840029016028717_o🌸 MakeSense Foundation – Original and Advanced Anti Aging Foundation ideal for heat. Won’t fade or melt away. Has a sun protection shield of SPF 15


🔎 MakeSense Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimizer – not only primes your skin for make up application but also helps even skin discoloration and repair damaged caused from UV exposure

💋LipSense even has a protective shield to protect your buckets from buri19388627_10155351340660675_2453471084970273957_o

🤔 Now what is this “Shield” I keep talking about?

🌿 This shield has nothing to do with chemicals. It has everything to do with the algae in the products that provides a natural protection. How amazing is that?!

To order any time visit here.

If you would like to save on shipping request to join Boho Beauty with Tara and stay up to date on the latest info! 

Can’t wait to connect with you. 


Tara Verlee


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