Traveling to Negril Jamaica

If you’re looking to escape a beautiful and warm oasis, than Negril Jamaica is the place to be. You’ll be in a welcoming and a less touristy area compared to Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

“Capital of casual and relaxing.”

After traveling here for over two decades now, Negril hands down is our go to spot.

IMG_5901When flying into Montego Bay airport during the busy season I highly recommend getting Club Mobay which will expedite you through customs and immigrations. You can set this up through Caribbean-Hideaways by Go Classy Tours. Someone will meet you once you get off the plane and escort you through all the lines. This can save you at least an hour to hour and a half during high season, and during the slower season will save you at least 30-45 minutes. Using a travel agent in my opinion is the best and most enjoyable way to help you plan your trip.

After you get your bags and go through customs, you will be escorted over to their Club area where you will be welcomed with refreshments, alcoholic and non alcoholic, along with some finger food and private bathroom. Before leaving it is a very kind gesture to leave a few dollars to the person who assisted you. If you use a one of the guys to help with your bags, it’s customary to give them a dollar a bag.


If you choose not to do Mobay Club, there are public bathrooms and a bar as you exit the airport. Definitely take the opportunity to eat at the airport and grab a drink and bathroom break before your drive to Negril. Most of the time there will be a stop half way, but the roads can get very busy and backed up depending on the day, time and season.

The drive from Montego Bay airport typically is about an hour and a half to two hours, as long as you hit no major issues along the way such as school getting out, roads flooding if there is rain, construction with only one lane open, etc.

Most hotels will have a shuttle, or if you are looking for private accommodations and a nicer vehicle than book that with your travel agent. We never recommend renting a car, the road system is very poor, not the best road signs and the drivers can be very aggressive and inconsiderate.

Once in Negril, if you need to take a cab, make sure they have the red license plates and sticker on the front window to make sure they are registered with the Country, also negotiate in price. Most hotels are very good at making sure the proper taxis are picking up their guest, but it never hurts to know especially if you go off property. You will have about $5-$15 negotiating window if you go anywhere on 7 Mile Beach, the Cliffs or Bloody Bay. Leaving the Negril area we use a local and reliable service and prices will go up.


Another tip: if you want the same driver to wait while you’re out for lunch or dinner, most will wait, pay completely once he drops you off back at your hotel. Some drivers will ask for part of their payment while they wait, so keep their time in mind when they say price. During the day it’s much easier to get a driver, sometimes in the evening once the sunsets it can get a bit more difficult.

For excursions I use our beloved driver Denton. He owns a driving service and always is top notch. We use him when we go down to St. Elizabeth to YS Falls and the Pelican Bar. It’s great because you can go at you’re own speed, he knows everyone and will stop road side for some great local food. Us and another couple or two will split the fare and is worth every penny to check out some local gem spots.

If you’d like some more info feel free to contact myself or Caribbean Hideaways and they will make sure you are taken care of and point you in the right direction. Make sure you tell them I sent you!

I hope this information helps or answers any questions you might have about getting from Montego Bay airport to Negril! It’s a beautiful little place just waiting for you!

14207795_10154334783687936_1125934032652008192_o Enjoy the sunshine and beautiful blue Caribbean Sea.




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  1. Hello Tara! Thank you so much for sharing this post. I enjoyed reading it – and have added another place to my travel list. Love your beautiful photos!

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